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New “$0 Down Bankruptcy” That is Helping Many Start Over Financially

Posted by James Burns | Nov 12, 2019

Would you like to file for bankruptcy ASAP, without paying a penny up front?

You see, most bankruptcy attorneys require you to save up for months or years, so you can pay your attorney's fees up front before you file for bankruptcy...but  who wants to endure the aggravation of harassing phone calls, lawsuits or garnished wages?

 If you'd like to file for bankruptcy ASAP, one of our colleagues has an affordable program that moves things forward right Now!

 He'll work with you to see if you qualify for the “$0 Down Bankruptcy” offer (most people do), where you don't pay your attorney one cent up front.

Then, if you qualify, we can file your bankruptcy immediately. That means that all those collection calls will also stop right away. Plus, qualifying debts may be eliminated entirely when your bankruptcy case is “discharged”!

At some point, the legal fees for your bankruptcy must be paid. Most clients qualify to pay low monthly payments over time. (Don't worry if you have a low credit score, they don't even look at that.)

And that's not all, they can also help you restore your Credit to where you need it to be so that you can walk confidently into any car dealership and lease a new car for example. Our colleague calls it his Credit Rebuild program and has been highly successful in achieving a 720 credit score for our clients just 12 months after bankruptcy in many cases!

So if you want to get your fresh start Now and get out from the pile up, call or submit a contact through the website to schedule a FREE Case Evaluation with a qualified bankruptcy attorney.

Unlike the others, you can qualify for NO money upfront, and receive assistance in restoring your credit so you can move forward in life with a TRUE fresh start including no debt and a better credit score than you would have ever imagined!

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