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    We will help you plan and protect your family’s future by creating a well-thought-out estate plan that is clear and concise so they won’t be caught in a costly and complicated legal system after your death.

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    Whether you’re thinking of starting a business or you’ve been in business for 20 years, we can help you protect your investment, time, and finances and help your business succeed to its greatest potential.

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  • Estate Planning

    Estate planning is critical to protecting your assets and your family’s future. Even small estates need to be planned for so the government doesn’t unfairly distribute your property.

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James G. Burns Esq.


James G. Burns Esq.

Estate Planning & Asset Protection Attorney

in Orange County, CA

Here at the Law Office of James Burns, we pride ourselves on helping individuals, businesses, and families address whatever legal issues they are facing. We offer experienced legal advice whether it's planning an estate, starting a new business, putting an elder law plan into place, navigating the complex immigration process, or filing a personal injury lawsuit, the Law Office of James Burns is here to help.

Every year across the country, millions of dollars are lost in costly court systems when a person dies and does not leave a sound and thorough estate plan or will behind to address how their property and assets should be distributed. The Law Office of James Burns will help you learn how to plan your estate and avoid the government's plan of going to Probate Court here in California.

An estate plan does not have to be complicated or time-consuming, which are the two biggest excuses most people give for not creating an estate plan. By doing nothing, you will leave your family caught in a complex and expensive court system.


Another important reason to create an estate plan now is that you never know when an illness or accident will affect your reasoning ability. You must be of sound mind to create an estate plan so if something tragic does happen, your wishes and best interests are protected. Parents of young children need an estate plans to name guardians for their children and plan for their future, especially if their child was born with an intellectual challenge such as Down Syndrome or autism.

The Law Office of James Burns does more than just estate planning. Whether you are a business owner, or someone involved in a complicated real estate transaction, or someone who needs to navigate the immigration system, or someone who needs assistance with either tax planning or filing a personal injury claim, we can help and go above and beyond (uber). If you are in the Orange County area or anywhere here in California, call us today at (949) 305-8642 to learn how we can help. The longer you wait the more at risk you are.

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