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Other Services:

  • Commercial transactions (contracts, business sales/purchase, shareholder agreements, operating agreements and more).
  • Captive Insurance Company Formation – why not self-insure for the 82 or more liabilities all companies face in the marketplace along with significant tax advantages and asset protection. Almost every company should get a consult; please request a discovery call.
  • Tax Planning And Reporting – we have a team of CPAs, Enrolled Agents and can assist on everything from normal tax preparation to tax resolutions with the IRS and state tax authorities. Also, includes optimizing your structure to reduce tax as there are 2 tax systems; one for those who know and one for those who don't know how to reduce taxes. Experienced international tax advisor available.
  • Real Estate Transactions – we have done every type of real estate transaction from fix-n-flip to representing buyers/sellers of both residential, commercial and hospitality real estate. We are licensed brokers as well as attorneys or CPAs reviewing a deeper level of the transaction than just looking at the commission.
  • Insurance – we assist in customized life insurance structures for business owners and high net worth individuals. We also assist with all manner of risk and liability insurance which are not off the shelf products. Our team members have several decades of creative and custom-made planning that exceeds normal market applications.
  • Immigration – now more than ever you need an experienced team to help traverse the landscape of immigration. Whether we have a dreamer looking to come to the U.S. to start a business under EB-5 or other situation we have the team to accommodate the goal.