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“My Spouse Just Passed Away. What Do I Do?"

Posted by James Burns | Aug 21, 2020

“My husband just passed away. What do I do?”

Taking action after your loved one passes can be tough and confusing.

 So we made this simple checklist of what needs to be done within 30 days.

Please share with anyone who you feel might need it, or is going through the grieving process right now. Understand that these are general measures and might not be all that needs to be done so you should seek guidance.

📌 At the time of death:

 🔸 Contact the police

🔸 Contact all known friends and family (if your spouse was in the military, contact The American Red Cross)

🔸 Contact their employer if necessary

🔸 Find their final instructions (did they have a burial plan?)

 📌 Within 5 days of death:

 🔹 Prepare for burial/funeral/memorial service

🔹 Contact their estate planning attorney, if they had one

🔹 Delegate tasks (ask close friends and relatives to answer the phone, collect their mail, care for the pets, etc.)

📌 Within 15 days of death:

 🔘 Order death certificates

🔘 Contact the rest of the essential contacts (contact life insurance to locate life insurance policies, contact tax preparer to determine the filing of final income tax, cell phone company to cancel subscription, etc.)

🔘 Read the Will, Trust or other estate plan documents

📌 Within 30 days of death:

If you haven't by now, hire an estate planning attorney to help you through this confusing process.

We are here to help you every step of the way.

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