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Make Sure Your Documents Stay Safe for Family

Posted by James Burns | Dec 02, 2020 | 0 Comments

We finally solved one of the missing pieces of the puzzle. After years of seeing estate plan documents go missing, destroyed or misplaced we've created cloud lockers as a place to store your documents and preserve them from all types of difficulties so that they remain ready for your family when they need them.

This summer we had a young man who could not find his mother's trust and wanted to sell her home which he inherited. Without the trust we were forced to file for court and he was appointed a hearing date 12 months later (One Year)!!

The real estate market could change by then and there is nothing he can do. But there is something you can do today so that your family never has this problem and that is get a subscription to a cloud locker and start storing your estate, tax, business and other important documents.

We also had a family who needed to move some of Mom's money but needed the authority to do that. They could not find her Durable Power of Attorney (power of attorney for financial decisions). The problem now is that mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer and under the State Probate Code cannot create a new Durable Power of Attorney. Her children had to file in court for a conservancy hearing which will take several months as courts are backed up due to Covid19.

We now have Cloud Lockers which allow families to preserve their important documents forever and never have them end up misplaced, lost or destroyed. Our joint creation with a tech company allows you to save digitized documents and store your user names and passwords for your other digital assets so that family has everything they need when they need it.

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