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Is Advanta in Breach of Contract on Credit Cards?

Posted by James Burns | Sep 22, 2019

As of July 30, 2009 – Advanta Bank Corp. stated that they were closing all business credit card accounts. They cited in the letters that went out that an independent trust which owned the balances cards and provides funding for new transactions was pulling out. As such, you need to keeping paying your balance but Advanta will be unable to provide further credit.

Now under basic contract law which is the thread between your agreement with credit card companies there is an offer, acceptance and consideration. Advanta offered me credit and I accepted and the consideration is the the act of providing credit with my obligation to pay it back with interest. Now, as a result of Advanta losing a trust that was funding these, they suddenly are in breach in my mind and as a result, they are asking me to modify my agreement without new consideration which is a requirement to modify the terms of any agreement.

A breach occurs when the bargained-for exchange is not honored by the other party, in this case Advanta Bank Corp. I believe I'm entitled to an order of performance which is the extension of credit otherwise what incentive do I have to pay back any balance on this card? They have not offered me additional consideration like to pay less or go without interest and I think this is not only a breach but unconscionable that Advanta could not act it good faith and fair dealing and assumes the public is stupid and unaware of their rights.

I implore all consumers, if your card is cut off please get a copy of your original agreement and all addendum and see if they have the ability to do this or take the credit card company to arbitration since they make that a part of the agreement. I intend to call and get my card settled for a lot less since they are in non-performance and breaching their agreement.

Wake up and take back your power and let them know you're not going to be insulted and slapped around any longer. Chime in and let us know about your credit card stink by leaving a message below.

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