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Asset Protection is Common Sense

Posted by James Burns | Jan 26, 2020

A taxpayer may arrrange his business affairs in a way to minimize his taxes; and if such arrangements are not shams, the courts should be hesitant to disregard form and exalt substance. Haley v. United States, 400 F.Supp 111 (1975).

Just as a taxpayer may structure his affairs to minimize tax liability, they may also position their affairs to minimize exposure to future creditors. There is no moral obligation to leave all of your assets vulnerable to the claims of others.

I can help create an overall plan for the ownership of your assets which will do all of the following:

  • Minimize income tax exposure
  • Minimize estate and gift tax exposure
  • Minimize exposure to potential creditors

Available techniques include the use of one or more of the following:

  • insurance policies
  • annuities
  • personal residences/homestead exemptions
  • family limited partnerships
  • charitable remainder trusts
  • Integrated foreign estate planning trusts
  • Accounts receivable collateralizing

This list is a sample of strategies but it takes knowledge and experience to know which of these vehicles is appropriate for a particular situation. I've acquired that knowledge and experience.

I have contacts around the world with many of the most reputable institutions in all of the major international financial centers. We can construct an overall wealth preservation strategy which is complete, refined and affordable. For more information about asset protection strategies, please contact me:

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