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Captive Insurance Company
(Self-insuring for today’s risks)

Question – if I can do what fortune 500 companies do to save taxes and insure against risk and it is affordable – why am I not doing it?

  • According to the 2015 Hiscox guide to employee lawsuits companies in California are at a 40% risk of employee lawsuits
  • A much unheard of option exists that allows a business to reduce risks and reap huge tax advantages by self-insuring.

The Law Office of James Burns and its Affiliates form Captive Insurance Companies and provide annual management of your company to keep it compliant and seamless with your current tax preparer. We are a one stop shop for everything you need.

  1. What Is A Captive Insurance Company?
    A Captive Insurance Company is a company established with the primary objective of insuring or reinsuring the risks arising from the operating business of its owners and to provide a broad range of risk management capabilities.
  2. Why Would A Business Use A Self Insurance Strategy?
    Owning your own insurance company gives your business the opportunity to retain favorable, i.e. profitable risks within the captive, and transfer the less favorable risks to the traditional insurance marketplace.A Captive Insurance Company is owned by your business, or by you personally, and allows for a more tailor-made policy that covers the exact risks of your business at a much lower cost than traditional third-party insurers.The captive premium expense is tax deductible as an “ordinary and necessary business expense.” In addition, the premiums collected by the captive are tax-exempt up to $1.2MM per year, per captive. Over time, as these premiums accumulate, they can be invested to generate additional income which can then be distributed back to the shareholder.

Common Business Sectors For Captive Include:
















Private Equity


Real Estate*

Energy Power


Food & Beverage




Heavy industry


High tech/Biotech



  • Captive insurance companies have been widespread in the US for over half a
  • Over 90% of Fortune 1000 companies utilize a captive insurance c
  • New growth in small captive formations have consistently outpaced big captive growth since 2005.
  • 35% of captives formed write less than $1 million of annual premium, a/k/a small captive.
  • There are close to 80 domiciles (foreign countries and individual domestic states) offering licensure.

If you’re in manufacturing the most hazardous risk affecting you and your business is the breakdown of the supply chain or delays.

Cyber-security is the new kid on the block exposing certain financial business to huge risk and liabilities as well as merchant account services.

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We cannot describe all the benefits to each and every business in this brief summary and you should have some questions. If we printed all there is on this subject there would be volumes. Besides, fitting in the facts of each business is as customized as the tailor taking out the tape measure and fitting a suit to your distinct body.

Once it is determined there is a likely fit we can discuss formation cost and then proceed to have both an actuarial and a feasibility report done on your business. Once both of these are completed the math and the business strategy become clear and you’ll easily recognize how this benefits you and your business going forward.

There are additional estate and asset protection planning benefits associated with having your own captive insurance company.

Other Services:

  • Commercial transactions (contracts, business sales/purchase, shareholder agreements, operating agreements and more).
  • Debt dismissal – eliminate student loans and other unsecured debt.
  • Credit Restoration– improve credit standing with a free review to let you know exactly how much each item will cost to remove.
  • Timeshare Resolutions – cancellation, releases, modifications.
  • Captive Insurance Company Formation – why not self-insure for the 82 or more liabilities all companies face in the marketplace along with significant tax advantages and asset protection. Almost every company should get a consult; please request a discovery call.
  • Tax Planning And Reporting – we have a team of CPAs, Enrolled Agents and can assist on everything from normal tax preparation to tax resolutions with the IRS and state tax authorities. Also, includes optimizing your structure to reduce tax as there are 2 tax systems; one for those who know and one for those who don’t know how to reduce taxes. Experienced international tax advisor available.
  • Real Estate Transactions – we have done every type of real estate transaction from fix-n-flip to representing buyers/sellers of both residential, commercial and hospitality real estate. We are licensed brokers as well as attorneys or CPAs reviewing a deeper level of the transaction than just looking at the commission.
  • Insurance – we assist in customized life insurance structures for business owners and high net worth individuals. We also assist with all manner of risk and liability insurance which are not off the shelf products. Our team members have several decades of creative and custom-made planning that exceeds normal market applications.
  • Manufacturing Redomicile – we have significant contacts in Vietnam and throughout Asia. Consistently we achieve same or better quality at a better price and create your own manufacturing back-end so you can 10x your business and dominate your industry as the go-to company for a product.
  • Immigration – now more than ever you need an experienced team to help traverse the landscape of immigration. Whether we have a dreamer looking to come to the U.S. to start a business under EB-5 or other situation we have the team to accommodate the goal.
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