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Are Your Assets Protected From The Three Major Threats?

What would happen if you made one small mistake and it cost you everything?

Have you ever pondered any of these questions?

  • What would I do if I was sued?
  • Am I taking all of the tax deductions and strategies I should?
  • How am I going to create enough for retirement?

There are three primary areas to protecting your assets if you don’t want to lose everything. The statistics show us that a civil lawsuit is filed every 4 seconds of every working day in the state of California. What if you were one of those thousand filed in a day?

Don’t get caught with your pants down when it is so easy and affordable to do something now before your sued. To date we’ve saved our clients over $50,000,000 in assets that could have been vulnerable. These cases settled for much less than the lawsuit happy people wanted by placing a legal roadblock between these predators and our client’s assets. This number might not be as large as other firms boast but we are careful to only take in the right types of cases by those who want to plan before it’s too late.

Since when did losing everything become alright? We don’t believe you should remain a big target and you need to make some changes before it’s too late because when you receive that complaint or summons it is too late.

“Complaint-a-phobia” – the fear of being sued.


  • Protect your Assets from lawsuits.
  • Protect your Income from overpaying taxes.
  • Protect your retirement funds from market risk and yo-yo results.

We cannot describe all the benefits to each and every person in this brief summary and you should have some questions. If we printed all there is on this website it would more than your eyes could bear and our free report would be volumes. Besides, fitting in the facts of each person is as customized as the tailor taking out the tape measure and fitting a suit to your body dimensions. We urge you to call us or come in for a conversation on eliminating the fear of being sued.

Orange County Attorney James Burn

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