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An Overview Of Foreclosure


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Brand new service. The Law Office of James Burns in coalition with other law firms are saving homes.

Does this describe you or someone you know?

  1. Have an option arm on your home that is going to explode in a few months outside of your cash flow?
  2. Bought investment property that is now so negative you can’t afford it?
  3. Scared and frustrated that you might lose the roof over your head?
  4. You were duped into a loan that you didn’t understand and now it is costing you more than you earn

We have several strategies to eliminate a foreclosure or loan modifications are available and we have over 300 successful modifications taking loans as far down as 5.25% from an outrageous rate that reduces your cash flow. (Past results are not guaranteed)

There are other services out there but only a lawyer knows how to talk to another lawyer. In addition, loss mitigation in the banks do not make a move without their legal department telling them what to do…therefore it is a legal game.
If you are suffering from payments or know someone please ask them to contact me. If they cannot afford the home we may be able to help and we are with 30 other firms in 30 others states tackling this problem and saving homes.
We have opportunities for organizations that would like us to take care of their database or want us for a seminar or tele-seminar. Our e-book will be available soon under the title “How to Avoid Foreclosure – three things you can do right now”!


James G. Burns, Esq. recommends this extremely valuable book on How to Avoid Foreclosure. Pick up this eBook today to help you or someone you know avoid losing a property.”

Orange County Attorney James Burn

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