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Recent Life Insurance Law In California Cuts Costs

A law was passed in 2009 and requires life insurance companies to change the method of how they price their products. This was MANDATED by the California State Insurance Commissioner, in an attempt to make life insurance and other insurance products more affordable and fairly priced. What this means is; if your purchased life insurance between 2...Read More

Actuary Urges Caution In The Use Of Life Settlements –

Louise Witts, senior actuary for SL Investment Management, said: “Life settlement funds are attracting a lot of attention due to their potential to provide steady returns in volatile times." Source: More

Saving Money On Life Insurance In Orange County, CA

There are many people who get duped annually on whole life insurance. Don’t get this wrong if you want to overpay for death benefit that goes to your family then Whole Life has merit. However, don’t ever get seduced to thinking it has any serious cash build up and that you’ll have all kinds of money tax free. Life insurance is one of the l...Read More

Retirement After The Great Recession – Will It Still Be Possible?

I wrote an article a few years ago that was published in the OC Metro in Orange County, California called “Uncle Sam’s Snake Oil.” This article was designed to wake up all the sheeple (that is a half person half sheep) that is just following along and believing that what you’ve been told to be true is true. There used to be the 3-le...Read More

Tax-Free Retirement Planning That Is Hard To Outlive In Orange County, California

Due to the rise in our deficit (paying $1 trillion per year on interest only) we are headed for higher tax brackets. The only way you’ll NOT run out of money is if you have some tax free strategies in your retirement plan. As you can see from the graph, sometimes tax-free is actually more when you consider how much you need to make just to cover ...Read More

You Can’t Fix Stupid – Employers Leaving California

As a California business and support for other businesses it is sad to see the mass migration of businesses who can longer afford to stay here in California even after years of operations or founding the company in California. Not since the Jews left Egypt has there been such a mass exodus of people running from the tyrannical clutches of a governm...Read More

Accountability In Your Personal Retirement Planning

As the author of “The 3 Secret Pillars of Wealth” I have identified what I think are seven to eight steps all Americans need to respond to and become accountable to right now. Accountability is when you’re going to get serious about what you’re doing and where you’re going. Jeff Combs, a great coach and trainer says “your word is you...Read More

To Dream The Impossible Dream – Beating The Stock Market

A few years ago after reviewing some portfolios for clients that tried their hand in stock market trading it was obvious to me that they were gambling as if they were at the roulette table in Vegas. As someone who has worked for a billionaire and observed the asset class relative to stock, the investments were safe blue chip stocks, bonds, Treasuri...Read More

Was Gary Coleman’s Plug Pulled Without His Will?

As Gary Coleman was unconscious in the hospital, his ex-wife, Shannon, gave the order to pull the plug.  Now Coleman’s parents have come forward accusing the hospital of stopping the life support prematurely without the proper permission, saying Shannon no longer had the right as she was not his wife.  The hospital does not seem to be concerned...Read More

Health (Scare) Care Reform And An Insidious Tax It Releases

The new Health care reform bill includes a 3.8 percent Medicare tax on unearned income including annuities, and possibly income recognized from the surrender or sale of life insurance. Many clients have asked how to get out of annuities they don’t need to minimize a potential huge tax hit. This is only if you don’t think you’ll need this i...Read More

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