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What to know before you get sick or depart

Ever hear of the two guarantees in life? That's right the two that are very uncomfortable like death and taxes. Your chance of death is 100% While you can't avoid one of the two, the second along with other avoidable expenses like Probate costs can be eliminated with a living trust and the four core estate documents. BIG QUESTION #1 ...Read More

What to know before you plan your estate?

What is Estate Planning? In 2015 $2.6 Billion dollars was lost to Probate Court Fees nationwide. Those entrapped in the system were not the wealthiest Americans; someone in their family failed to plan and left them having to untangle the mess just to switch title or get control so they can sell or use the property. In short, estate planning i...Read More

Medicare Scare

Sometimes seniors are denied claims and they think there is nothing they can do and they just accept it. However, a denied or partially paid claim can be appealed and nearly half of the appeals are successful and worth the effort…might as well give it a try. When a Medicare claim is denied or approved for less that full amount, you have 120 da...Read More

Why Sabotage your Retirement?

There are five destroyers of wealth. Taxes Inflation Procrastination Expenses Debt So if we know these five exist that eat away our gains and slow our progress, then we know where not to invest. Debt and procrastination are personal things but the other three can be avoided. The typical vehicle most people use are mutual funds. There...Read More

Biggest Asset Protection Threat And How To Avoid It

Asset protection from your health. We read a lot about sexy offshore strategies for asset protection and they do make sense and we’ve completed about 30 of them with huge successes and testimonials. But what about when you get sick or ill as a senior and require nursing care? Medicare does not cover long term are and Medicaid and Medi-C...Read More

Avoid Income Tax To Your Heirs When You Pass Away

The IRD or Income Respective of Decedent: When we pass away and leave a sizable IRA or other deferred asset our heirs will have to pay the income tax on it personally. This often times increases the heirs own tax bracket causing terrible tax consequences when this can be diffused so easily. This is just a snapshot of it but there are other issue...Read More

Business Owners Retire Poor Because They Fail To Use Leverage

Business Owners: A recent horrifying article discussed how small-business owners are significantly less likely to have retirement plans than wage and salary workers, a pair of studies found. It is wrong that the entrepreneur takes risks every day for themselves, family and maybe investor or shareholders only to get the short-end of the retir...Read More

Do You Know What Your Real Mutual Fund Returns Are For Your Retirement?

It takes no special intelligence for a broker or financial adviser to place a client into an equity fund. All you need to have is a securities license and that’s about it. The planner you choose—or that someone refers you to—will often check your pulse for risk and then make the selection for you; or worse yet, have you make your own selectio...Read More

Deadly Investment Property Ownership Mistakes And Easy Ways To Avoid Them.

A lot of people have heard the word “Probate” used but I find that they don’t really understand what it is or how it can affect them. Probate, simply put, is the process set up by the legislature in every state that gives the courts guidance in how to transfer and manage the property of a deceased, incapacitated person or a minor. In such cir...Read More

Learn This Or Retire Poor

Lies 2 Many people think putting money away tax-deferred is great for retirement. Well, it is not bad but it can have lethal consequences depending on your success over the years and at what tax bracket you retire in. Remember, your deferred plan is tax at ordinary income at the rate your in when you retire. Most people want to retain the same ...Read More

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