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WHEN DOES -30 + 43 = 0?

In any year you lose 30% it takes a 43% gain the following year just to get you back to where you started. If you think safety doesn’t matter, think again.

When we work with you on your wealth strategies we look at your overall goals and suggest opportunities that avoid maximum risk while generating large tax-free income for retirement. The alternative is to just plug dollars into a deferred plan (401k or IRA) that cannot survive future tax rate adjustments because deferred plans are taxed at ordinary income when you start drawing on them.

We tailor the Pillars to your circumstances because the application is different for you and the person who lives down the street from you. We view your planning as distinctive as a snowflake, no two are alike.

We have an e-book called “Tax-free Income for Life” that is available at the products page and elaborates on two amazing vehicles that build retirement wealth completely tax free.

Fighting inflation is a hard enough battle, why let unnecessary taxes eat away your future?

Now that you know tax free income is possible, doesn’t that make you feel great right now knowing you have a secure future?


I want to tell you how to avoid finding yourself broke in your retirement years. The US Department of Health and Human Services says that 30% of 65 year-olds are still working; 54% are dependent requiring their family’s or the government’s assistance; 54% are dead; 4% are financially dependent with at least $3,000 per month to live on and only 1% are wealthy.

According MSCI Inc. a world index maintained by Morgan Stanley, the tally of worldwide stock market losses exceeded $3.1 trillion in January 2008. More than a third of that is the U.S. market alone. In June of 2008 the U.S. market dropped by 10.2% which is the biggest June Loss since the Great Depression. Can you leave your future and that of your family to such exposure where drops can come overnight due to one geo-political event, remember 9/11?


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Tax Free Income for Life reveals that we can not longer plan our financhial success like generations of the past.
James G. Burns explores hidden tools that can ensure most people with income for life.

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